In the quiet moments between dawn and daylight, the world experiences a transformation. Sculpted with ceramic 3D printing, the 煜 Yu-Rising incense holder encapsulates both the sun's ascent and the earth's embrace. 


Yu-Rising Incense Holder

Derived from the profound symbolism of 易经 (I-Ching’s) 火地晋卦 (Jin Hexagram), where the light is emerging from the covering earth, this collection captures dawn's gentle awakening to midday's luminous peak. 

Each piece, beyond incense burning, holds space for moments of reflection. As the smoke ascends, and with each breath we take, soft whispers from the heart, mind, body, and soul weave narratives of enlightenment and lift us towards the sun’s radiant trajectory. 

Meticulously sculpted with ceramic 3D printing, every piece is a tactile encounter to the raw allure and gradient tones of rammed earth.





煜 (Yu), translating to 'dazzling sunlight' in Chinese. This collection pays tribute to the landscapes of our founder 薛李煜's hometown, 山西省 (Shanxi Province)

Raised on the terrains of the 黄土高原 (Loess Plateau), and in between 太行山 (Taihang Mountains) and 吕梁山 (Lüliang Mountains). Liyu's bond with the earth breathes life into each piece, echoing tales of ancestral soil and sunlit peaks.