Liyu Recognized in Forbes China’s 30 Under 30 List for 2023

"2023 is a complex year. According to the traditional Chinese method of reckoning years, this year’s Heavenly Stem is Gui, and its Earthly Branch is Mao. Gui, being the last of the Heavenly Stems, signifies an ‘end,’ while Mao, the fourth of the Earthly Branches, corresponds to the time between 5 am and 7 am – the dawn, symbolizing new beginnings and hope. Therefore, the year of Gui-Mao carries the imagery of ‘endings and new beginnings,’ which is especially true for Forbes China’s 30 Under 30."

Forbes has always looked ahead with a visionary perspective, seeking out those under 30 who are making a mark in their industries or showing potential to become future leaders in their fields and society. Since the inaugural U30 list in 2012, we have maintained a unique focus on the triad of age, success, and the era; however, for these young U30 individuals, it’s merely a journey of finding personal significance amidst a series of uncertainties and possibilities, whether by creating commercial behemoths, selling their companies to become investors, media personalities, or cautiously maintaining their hard-won territory in the midst of giants.

Among the more than 2000 young individuals watched by Forbes China’s 30 Under 30, there have emerged 5 global billionaires, nearly 50 unicorn company founders, and one highly notable Nobel Prize nominee. In this year’s review, we were pleased to find that although most faced new challenges, they were generally doing well, with a small portion doing exceptionally well.

We don’t intend to paint a fairy tale of times and people. In fact, in the first decade of Forbes 30 Under 30 in China, the Chinese economy has been on a high-speed growth trajectory, and a generation’s optimism has been built upon this.

Reflecting on the achievements of most U30 achievers today, we don’t want to attribute young people’s success solely to the boon of economic growth, as they are an integral part of that growth. Instead, over a decade of observation, we found that a significant portion of young people’s achievements stem from a daring choice – to do what the “old folks” couldn’t, thereby defining a new era and new ways of growth.

If young people from 10 years ago were to give advice to today’s youth, they might say: “No matter what difficulties you face, don’t leave the table before the future truly arrives.

Each year, Forbes China and its jury evaluate the 30 Under 30 candidates like solving a mathematical problem. Through “attribution analysis”, they review the driving factors behind the successes of these young people under 30, quantifying how much is due to the market environment, the industry, personal effort, or family support – to gauge their potential for even greater achievements in the future.

This year, the story of China’s youth and the world seems to have come full circle and is back at the starting point. Looking at the number of listees, this year we have included only 95 young people, encompassing sports stars, entrepreneurs, scientists, and investors. Judging from the number of entrepreneurs included this year, it almost returns to the level of the first 30 Under 30 in 2012.

2023福布斯中国30 Under 30榜单发布