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21.X River Miles: Reimagining the Connection Between the Arts District and the LA River

The downtown train yard has long been a barrier that disconnects the Arts District from the LA River, impeding the flow of people, culture, and nature. STAAY, commissioned by LARABA, has proposed a public art project that utilizing mixed reality as a means to bridge this disconnect and foster a renewed connection with the river. 

This project will bring to life a series of location-based AR installations throughout the Arts District and within local businesses. Transforming mundane urban elements into mesmerizing portal to the LA River, embedding every street corner, signpost, and storefront with a narrative that pulls the community closer to the river. Interweaving art, technology, storytelling, and nature, 21.X River Miles evoke a sense of wonder, curiosity, and connection to the river, encouraging the community to rediscover and cherish this valuable resource.

Hosting a River Portal

River Portals serve as gateways to the '21.X River Miles' mixed reality art project, transforming everyday street signs and banners into engaging touchpoints that connect the community to the LA River. By hosting a River Portal which featuring river-themed artwork and a QR code, your business becomes a pivotal access point to an immersive, location-based AR experience.

AR Experience Demo 

21.X River Miles Activation Map, Phase 1

2.5' x 6'  Mesh Banner at Outdoor Dining Fence (artwork not final)